By Raffy Diaz

When Jun Lao gave me a sample of Laurin, a special coconut oil formulation with a high strength of the antimicrobial lauric acid,  I immediately  gave it to my 93 year old mother, Mrs. Primitiva Diaz, for wellness of   her health.  She had complained of frequent constipation and a nagging pain in her hips for the past 2 years  which  had rendered her immobile and on wheelchair.   This deprived her of her joy of regularly going to the wet-market although this time, her  friends  from the fish and meat section of the wet-market deliver to her  whatever she needs. She now does the marketing by cellphone.    My siblings and I know she is still grieving over the death of my father  not so long ago and we worry so much about her health so we  all  visit her as often as we could to keep her in bright spirit.  I told her Laurin is a health booster and  taking 2 teaspoon  after  breakfast and another 2 teaspoon after  dinner  could  address her problem of regular constipation. She immediately started taking Laurin as I suggested.


After about 3 weeks, I asked her if Laurin had given her some relief on her health concerns.  She claimed that the hip pain which she had suffered for two years had subsided and that she could now stand and walk with the aid of a  walker.  As to the constipation, it was relieved almost immediately and it had been sometime since she depended on the glycerine suppository.


After a couple of months  when she was halfway her second bottle, I asked her again  if her walking had improved.  She said that the hip pain has not recurred  and that she could  now stand and cook ( mom is a great cook).  However, she could not remain standing  very long as her legs would become numb.  I told her that it might be  from slow blood circulation because as we get older, the blood thickens.  I suggested to her to get the doctors advise  about taking the blood thining aspirin which my father used to take.  However, what surprised me was  her next statement.  She said that at her age, she now  has a  superb memory.  She can remember many things specially the  “one way” memory.  When I asked her what she meant by  “one way” memory, she said that she can remember all those who owed   her money  but could not remember what she owed others specially my dad. Then she laughs.  Mom really has a very good sense of humor.  Then she adds, be thankful that I have a good memory.  Of course I said  we are happy that she is  blessed with a good memory  at her age enhanced by Laurin.  She then said what she  meant was we are lucky for her good memory as she remembered  to distribute  our  inheritance.   Then she laughs again.


Her good memory keeps her in bright spirit as she vividly remembers and  loves to talk about anecdotes when my siblings and I were toddlers.  She recounts many funny anecdotes about each and everyone of us  and her favourite anecdote of me is that  it took me 5 years to start talking ( exaggerated of course ) but I countered that when I  started talking, it was already straight with good grammer. Laughter again!  My sisters always get her to play her favourite  table game  “mahjong”  while  my brother and I provide the humor  because  we don’t know much about.the game and we make mistakes.    With her superb memory,  mom always win.


We dread the reality that a day will come when she will finally board the flight to heaven,  but we are happy that good memory will give her a good quality of life in her remaining years.  Thanks to Laurin.