Gerry Guanlao is a top-ranking manager for Chemrez Technologies, Inc., a position that sees him dealing with a whole range of people on a daily basis, from company executives to junior personnel, while overseeing a bustling plant. To wind down after a week full of daily meetings and decisions, he has developed the habit of biking every Sunday for 15 km. By mid-week he would be imagining his early morning biking route for next Sunday. “It is a rare moment when my mind rests without worry, and no traffic to dodge!” he said during our interview.

In his 50’s he works at a pace that would tax a healthy man half his age. However he has not escaped having problems with his weight and a fatty liver. Gerry was unsure how to overcome these problems. “Unfortunately”, he laments, “I don’t have time to read about the latest in health and fitness! All I can do is bike and hope for the best.”

When Chemrez launched Laurin, Gerry lost no time trying it himself by mixing a tablespoon each with his morning and after-lunch cup of coffee. He says that, after recommending the same practice to his staff, results came almost instantly:  “Laurin helped us to concentrate on work right after lunch, when in the past we would be sleepy despite having coffee. We now have more productive days!” He also experimented by applying it to his hair and skin. “Laurin is better than baby oil for use against dandruff. It is excellent for treating dry skin, skin asthma and scaling, for dealing with sunburns, and restoring skin smoothness.” 

Gerry still takes Laurin religiously. The impact on his stamina and energy levels is dramatic. He narrates, “I used to bike only Sundays. Now I bike up to three or four times a week, and on Sundays I do 20 km, 5 km more than in the past. I used to prepare for my biking routine by eating a banana and taking water with sugar. Now I just mix Laurin with my coffee.” His liver function is also better: SGPT levels are at 48, well within normal levels and down from an above-normal 55. 

But the most dramatic use that he found for Laurin was as a health supplement for his dad Francisco, who is now 88 years old.

“At 87 my father was no longer his old self” remembers Gerry. “He lost his spouse (my mom) in 2013 and was deeply depressed. Long before this loss, dad was already suffering from serious short-term memory loss. His long-term memory remained but he typically could not remember what he had just done.” “At least”, Gerry observed with a naughty smile, “daddy could no longer remember my debts to him!”

Aside from dementia and memory loss, Francisco was constrained by arthritis and gout. He could move about only by using a walker. Sometimes he could not move at all and was confined to his bed. His skin was irritated and marked by scaling.

Initially, Gerry gave fish oil capsules to his father to relieve his depression. After three months his mood had improved somewhat, but Gerry felt that it was insufficient. He turned to Laurin, and improvements came sooner than expected.

"Dad recovered from depression after only a month of taking Laurin. His short-term memory returned. The scaling on his legs also disappeared. His old self came back!" Francisco’s short-term memory dramatically improved so much that, as Gerry related, “he not only regained his memory of all my debts to him, he also began to remind me regularly about the tax payments we needed to make on his land, right down to the exact date on when these taxes needed to be paid!”

Francisco experienced dramatic improvement not just in his memory and brain performance but also his physical health. After several months of using Laurin he  “graduated” to using a cane in order to walk. He is now entering his 88th birthday sprightlier and more vigorous than a year before – just like his son.